How does it work?

When you’re taking both medications in a medical abortion, they’ll work together to terminate a pregnancy. Mifepristone will be the first pill that you take.…

Side effects

Women who undergo a medical abortion often experience bleeding and cramping that can last for up to two weeks after the procedure, including passing blood…

Pros of medical abortion

When women decide they want to have an abortion, they may get to choose between a medical abortion with the abortion pill, and a surgical…

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer questions you might have related to abortion services

What are the possible risks of taking the abortion pill?
Medication abortion has been used safely in the world for more than 20 years. Serious complications are really rare, but can happen. These include: the abortion pills don’t work and the pregnancy doesn’t end some of the pregnancy tissue is left in your uterus blood clots in your uterus bleeding too much or too long infection allergic reaction to one of the medicines These problems aren’t common. And if they do happen, they’re usually easy to take care of with medication or other treatments.
Does the abortion pill have long-term side effects?
The abortion pill is really safe and effective. It’s a super common way to have an abortion, and millions of people have used it safely. Unless there’s a rare and serious complication that’s not treated, there’s no risk to your future pregnancies or to your overall health. Having an abortion doesn’t increase your risk for breast cancer or affect your fertility. It doesn’t cause problems for future pregnancies like birth defects, premature birth or low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or infant death.
How will I feel after taking the abortion pill?
How you feel during and after a medication abortion varies from person to person. On the day you take your second medicine, plan on resting and being in a comfortable place. You may feel tired for 1 or 2 days after, but you should be back to normal soon. You can go back to work, school, driving, and most other normal activities the next day if you feel up to it. But DON’T do hard work or heavy exercise for several days. You should start to feel better as the days go by, but call your doctor or health center if you still feel ill.
How will the abortion pill affect my periods?
It’s normal to bleed and spot off and on for several weeks after your abortion. You can use pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup — whatever's the most comfortable for you.
How soon can I have sex after a medication abortion?
You can have sex as soon as you feel ready.
Can I breastfeed if I take the abortion pill?
The medicines in the abortion pill can sometimes pass into breastmilk. But it's usually in small amounts that shouldn’t affect a baby. You can talk with your nurse or doctor if you’re breastfeeding, and they’ll help you figure out what’s best for you and your baby.

How safe is the abortion pill?

Medication abortion is very safe. Serious problems are rare, but like all medical procedures, there can be some risks.

Types of abortion

Medical abortion A medical abortion occurs when a woman takes medications to induce abortion. Sometimes, a woman may take these medications because she has experienced…

Who is eligible for the abortion pill?

Women who are under 10 weeks into their pregnancy are eligible to take the abortion pill. After 10 weeks, women who wish to terminate their…

Period After Abortion

Abortion and your menstrual cycle Although medical and surgical abortions are common, you may find that your overall experience is different from someone else’s. How…

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